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This site discusses the reasons why children may do badly at school. Teachers are often blamed. But often the most significant problem – is that the child has a problem. ADHD or ADDT are commonly blamed. This purchase syndrome and the autism spectrum disorders are also commonly blamed.

Currently however today we really recognise dyslexia and memory loss and the role that these problems play in dooming a child to fail at school.

The theory broached on the site is that many learning problems – happen for a reason. They are present because there is an infection within the body (in the child’s brain) which causes them. The infection is a very slow and insidious infection and difficult to diagnose.

These problems can in general be treated. Symptoms and signs of illness can be prevented from developing. Medical problems that are present can be stabilised and even improved substantially back to normal. Patients can be prevented from developing learning difficulties and other related conditions which appear to have no relationship to the common disorders such as ADHD or autism spectrum disorders


Paill Spectrum showcases the organism which causes the damage. It is not a new condition. It has been with humanity for a long time. With the advent of the 21st century, it is time we stopped allowing this condition to destroy human lives. People become impaired. Illnesses develop that can be prevented. People become progressively my morass of illness which progresses until they die.

And more importantly, there are the Children who will never reach their full potential. Children becoming adults who can only function at a basic level. Adults who are forever held in the grip of a brain disease causing devastating impairment.

The site discusses testing and treatment for the condition. To have this condition develop is no longer an unfortunate accident. It is an act of stupidity and carelessness. Condemning lives and minds to darkness.

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Kids failing at school. The answer is not just teaching harder. Dyslexia, Poor memory, slow development are part of the Paill Spectrum disorder. New Treatments are possible. It now becomes an act of unforgivable stupidity to leave a child untreated- a child doomed to face darkness forever. <:-II

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