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Loss of Memory:


Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx : Very early affected individuals or actively affected individuals would be expected to have reduced digit memory span, while later affected individuals would be expected to have normal memory span with disturbed pattern recognition and higher function/abstract memory as in mathematics. Most affected adults would be predicted to have a mixture of both types of problems.

There are two main subcategories of affected people. 
Those who over a long period of time, lose the efficiency of their memory, each day’s functioning being similar to the previous day’s functioning. 

Secondly, there are those affected who undergo a rapid stepwise deterioration in their memory function, with a noticeable difference in the efficiency of their memory on successive days. 

Depression can cause Memory Loss
Depression can make memory a basket case : loss of memory.




Erasmus Erasmus : Many children have learning difficulties. Generally most people think that they are stupid. It is far more likely that they have memory dysfunction or process dyslexia affecting their ability to learn.

What this means is that some kids can look at a spelling list for 5 minutes and get them all right the next day. Some kids can try to memorize their spelling for hours, and the next day still get many of the words mis-spelt wrongly. Some kids can process a sequence of instructions and some can only process short sequences of 2-3 instructions at a time/.

Spelling Problems Spelling problems

Up till now, the only path available to these children has been to educate themselves in manual trades, where the learning part of the brain is NOT the speech and language centre (the good Dr. calling this speech/language part of the brain: the Symbolic Speech Processing Centre),
It is this area of the brain which is so badly damaged in early childhood/ and pre-school age children by the Paill Spectrum infection.

Phones are Often Used to Backfill Memory Phones often supplement the memory of real humans. Unlike real humans , they never stuff up their memory.

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx : Some children find learning spelling, maths and reading very difficult due to the inability of their brains to process the patterns of "words" on a page that represent concepts.

We propose the use of number recall to test children for damage. However, some teachers tell me that there is an easier way to diagnose these kids. Just look around the room and spot the kids with the lights out and no one home.


Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : Those medical bumblers can't recognise brain damage when they see it. Small wonder that they fail to help these kids. Trying to educate a child with a progressive brain damage syndrome, is essentially a lost cause.



Reading a Book Reading is affected in Dyslexia.


Bad Memory . . . . . Bad Memory . . . . .

We next explore the phenomenon of poor memory, loss of memory including loss of memory with aging with aging. 

While Bad Memory is a common symptom of aging, the Paill Spectrum model predicts that it is not necessarily a "natural" symptom of ageing. Memory Loss, Bad memory, poor memory, amnesia, perhaps even dementia and other degenerative diseases like Parkinsons, may be associated with the Paill Spectrum syndrome.

Amnesia may be associated with a number of other hitherto unsuspected physical symptoms, which are usually present before the amnesia event occurs. The Paill Spectrum model discusses new symptoms and signs that may be associated with memory loss syndromes or amnesia.

Loss of Memory Memory - rubbed out - so to speak - in dyslexia.

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx : Doctors and Patients can change many aspects of the disease or illness (e.g. memory loss) with Paill Spectrum diagnosis and treatment protocols. The Paill Spectrum model of disease is a new theory and not sanctioned by many established doctors such as psychiatrists. Loss of memory in life is not associated with illness or dementia in the standard medical model. Taken to its extreme, loss of memory throughout life often leads to dementia. This is a logical conclusion in the Paill Spectrum model, but not in the standard model of psychiatric disease

Still there are no objective methods to diagnose most of the psychiatric disorders. Over a number of years, patients diagnosed with one psychiatric illness may often become diagnosed with a different psychiatric illness. In the Paill Spectrum Illnesses, ill people are often found to have other specific symptoms of the same illness. Small wonder that psychiatric diagnoses wander with time as different regions of the brain cook off.

There are blood tests that can be done to confirm illness in the Paill Spectrum model. No such association with a test or tests exists in the standard medical psychiatric model of mental illness.


One memory loss syndrome in adults gives rise to the urban myth with stories of husbands or wives who left home and take up a new life elsewhere, apparently unaware of their previous identity. 

Alternately, they are found wandering and taken to hospital, where they are unable to say who they are or what they have been doing in the preceding days. Everyone knowingly glares at these reprobates, suspecting illicit drug intake as the real culprit.

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx : The DSM IV TR (the psychiatrists’ bible of medicine) defines amnestic disorders:
As an impaired ability to learn new information or being unable to recall previously learned information. 
Confabulation: which is the reporting of imaginary events to fill gaps in memory, may be noted in early stages of amnestic disorders, but tends to disappear in more advanced or prolonged forms of the illness.

Other currently accepted features of these syndromes include:
Lack of insight into their memory problems and even denial that these problems exist
Apathy, lack of initiative, emotional flatness
Fuzzy thinking, appear confused :- #>
Age of Onset of the Amnestic Disorders
The age of onset and course of amnestic disorders is variable.

Varieties of Mathematics

Mathematics skills actually encompass a wide variety of abstract concepts.


Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx : The acute memory loss or "crisis" events are generally well amenable to full Paill Spectrum treatment. Memory function can be regained quite rapidly over two weeks in successful treatment, with no need for ongoing psychiatric medications. The patient feels generally well, is not anxious or depressed.

Erasmus Erasmus : One patient described by Dr. Xxxxx woke up one morning and asked the woman who was in bed with him, who she was. She replied that she was his girlfriend of the last six months. He truly did not remember who she was. A simple course of Paill Spectrum therapy improved his day to day memory greatly along with his mood state and wellness He has not had any further strange memory events again, to date. 

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx : The answers re Paill lie deep within the human brain.