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Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx : Therapy for Learning Disorders

There are a number of therapies.



Even something as simple as ensuring that the child takes a vitamin tablet every day can result in substantial improvement in test scores over a number of months.

Strangely, if you do this simple thing, there are a number of other ancillary effects often noticed with time. Children become less moody and impulsive. Their behaviour is better. They get on better with their peers and with their siblings and with their parents. They will often fight a lot less.

In seeing these types of response, it becomes obvious that there is something strange going on in these children. The problem is easily recognized if the symptoms are known.

The Paill Spectrum model of disease describes a specific group of symptoms of signs that can be used to predict wellness or unwellness. There are also specific blood tests that show very specific patterns of abnormality and of response to treatment.

Simple treatments- if they follow the Paill Spectrum treatment model, can make a substantial difference to the health status of the child over months. Even simple nutritional changes such as making the child take a good quality multivitamin every day can make a difference to the child’s long-term health status.

Children Learning
Bright kids developing Paill Spectrum stay bright no longer.


The child’s memory, learning and behaviour all improve. This improvement is generally obvious to teachers, parents, siblings and acquaintances. The improvement can be dramatic. I particularly remember one father who summed up the situation nicely: in very ordinary language. He said, “He’s not an effing pain in the arse anymore”.

This type of improvement can be very obvious when appropriate therapy is instituted.

 The answers re Paill lie deep within the human brain.



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